Best Smart Android TV Under 100K in Pakistan

Recently one of my cousins moved into his new house and they are decorating their house. So they also need a big screen Tv for their Tv lounge, so he asked me for a suggestion. The budget is 100k and his requirement is a big-screen android Tv.

Firstly, I was going to tell him to buy a four-year-old TCL P618, because there is not a lot of good option in Pakistan for big and good-quality Android Tv. The P618 fulfils all his needs for a big and good Tv, it has a 55″ UHD LED display with 4K resolution. It also supports HDR10 and comes with Dolby Vision. The only downfall is it has a 4-year-old OS in it.

The same night I was scrolling through my Instagram feed, and I saw an ad from TCL for their new Tv series arrival in Pakistan. After clicking on it TCL Pakistan’s website opens and there I saw their new P series Tv, P635. It has all the specs that P618 has with the upgrade, and it has a relatively new OS than P618.

So I told him to buy 55″ P635 then he asked me to buy it for him. After searching physically I finally found it in the superstore near me. I took a demo in the store before buying it. After paying the exact 97,900PKR and doing all the paperwork it got delivered to the house. TCL sent one of their workers to mount the TV on the wall. He mounted the TV and did the initial setup for it.

The TV came with a two-year warranty and you will find the warranty card in the box with a remort controller, mounting brackets, and user guide. And As usual, the warranty doesn’t cover any physical damage or power failure. You will find the details on the warranty card also.

My overall experience was good and I will also recommend buying 55″ P635 if your budget is around one lakh. It has all you need for a good living room TV, a good screen and excellent sound quality.

Remember: This is not a product review of TCL 55″ P635, it’s my own experience that I’m sharing with you guys.

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